Although detox diet is popularly connected with the treatment of alcoholic and drug related problems, the term can also be applied to any dietary method which aims to remove harmful toxins within the body.

To put it another way, a detox diet is a dietary regimen which involves the consumption of certain foods and nutrients, within a given period of time, for the purpose of efficiently removing toxins from the body. Main proponents of detox diets assert that the process leads to a better health, as a result of lesser amounts of toxin within the body and more efficient digestion. Other practitioners of detox diets also claim that they have experienced better health, more energy, better mental and emotional well being, in addition to easier digestion.

Although there numerous kinds of detox diets (some of which are specific treatments for a particular ailment) exist, they are all short term diets. Some of their most notable characteristics include:

· The removal of any harmful materials or chemicals within the body through the use of organic food.

· Selective consumption of foods which are rich in antioxidants as well as any nutrients which can serve the body’s needs for detoxification.

· Consumption of foods which are high in fiber and water content to draw out toxins through natural bodily excretions.

Why is a Detox Diet Important?

Many of the chemicals which enter our body via food and drink end up in the fat cells of our body. Moreover, certain lifestyles and eating habits leads to vitamin deficiencies; while on other cases, it may lead to the lack of nutrients to detoxify the body on its own, which of course, only increases the amount of harmful chemicals within the body.

When these chemicals become too serious, body burden occurs, which in turn, may cause hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency or poor metabolism. So as a result of poor eating habits and accumulated chemicals, bad breath, fatigue, poor skin and muscle pain may occur.

What are the Benefits of a Detox Diet?

A detox diet can provide with the following health benefits:

· Regular bowel movement

· Better Digestions

· Better mental and personal well being

· More energy as a result of healthier habits

Who are the Best Candidates for a Detox Diet?

If you are suffering from cough, stress, fatigue, digestive problems or irregular bowel movement, then a detox diet is something that you should try.
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