In this modern times, people are getting busier with their work schemes and other whereabouts, with that given fact, getting stress is very common. Although a lot of factors are responsible in contributing stress, environmental factors are known to be the number one. Pollution as one concrete example brought toxins to the body and this making one feel sluggish, tired, no energy and generally unhealthy.

As toxins build up in the body, it is remove by the body's own mechanism in fighting unnecessary agents known to bring harm in the system. However, they are some that remains behind as the body could no longer remove them all by itself. This is when, detoxification takes place.

There are a lot of detox (as detoxification is abbreviated) methods available, but what is commonly used is the detox diet. A detox diet is a dietary regimen involving a change in eating habits with the aim of detoxifying the body from toxins or other contaminants. Detox diets usually suggests that water and certain foods rich in fiber and vitamins like fruits and vegetables are the ones that should compose ones daily intake.

When under detox diet, an individual is required to avoid foods like butter, cream, pork, oily foods, all forms of alcohol, processed foods, preservatives, canned goods, salty and sweet food, wheat and shortening and nuts, red meat, etc. While consuming only pure foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, raw nuts and seeds, fish, vegetable oils, etc. Other detox diets uphold fasting, either water or juice fasting. In water or juice fasting, the practitioner consumes only water or fruit and vegetable juices.

Since red meat and pork are to be avoided in a detox diet, the alternative is fish. A practitioner of detox diet needs to consume a great amount of fish and this is very helpful as calorie is also restricted while on the diet.

Herbal detoxification is also part of the detox diet and this involves the intake of herbs and teas. Special teas are used as detox teas and mostly contains ingredients known in folk and herbal medicine as digestive aids. Other ingredients combined in the detox tea helps to protect the liver, alleviate urinary problems and helps in treatment of stomach ulcers.

Though the idea of detox diet is found to have no scientific basis. Some considered it more as a lifestyle than a diet and undergoing this kind of diet entails determination and discipline.
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