There’s a lot of hype about detox diet and what it can do for the human body. This has lead to a healthy debate among proponents and critics of detox diet alike. If you were to go online and research the topic a bit, you can find a healthy number of number of articles that either advice or downplay the benefits of detox diets.

So to help, this article will try to discuss some of the main pro and cons of detox diets and what each side has to say about it.

What the Proponents Have to Say

The best argument for detox diets is that they are rooted in the idea that you can cleanse the body naturally, without the use chemicals or complex treatments. However, in this day and age, most people also have to contend with the problem of irregular eating habits as well as poor nutritional value from processed foods.

Proponents of detox diets claim that the best way to overcome this problem is to actively eat foods which can aid in the detoxification process. For example, people already eat foods and drinks rich in anti-oxidants randomly, so why not simply design an eating regimen that is designed to serve that specific purpose?

Detox diet is ultimately an attempt at reducing the amount of toxins within the human body, in the most efficient and natural way possible.

What the Critics Have to Say

The critics, for their part hold the position that detox diets are nothing more but hype, made famous thanks to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, who have advertised it to the populace. First of all, they argue that detox diets are not necessary for cleaning the body. The human body is already capable of detoxifying itself on its own. It doesn’t need a health regimen to do something which has kept humanity alive for a long time.

The second argument made by critics is that there is no medical or scientific evidence to say that detox diets actually work. They contend that eating the right foods, daily checkups to a physician and living a healthy lifestyle are much more effective at making sure that our bodies are free from toxic substances than any special diet. Moreover, critics consider herbal detox products to be nothing more but unproven and expensive fakes that may even be harmful to the body.

These are the arguments for and against detox diet. Find the facts, think things over and see for yourself just how effective they can be in helping you stay healthy.
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