The Hallelujah Detox Diet is a mixture of dietary practices with religious beliefs. Originally created by a non-denominational Christian ministry, Hallelujah Acres, this diet focuses in helping people attain healthy living with the help of a biblical and religious perspective.

The diet itself includes 85% raw foods and only 15% cooked foods. The diet’s focus on raw foods is based around the belief that the abundance of God’s natural’s gifts in nature are sufficient to stave of any hunger or cravings, without the problems plaguing people these days. So, as the reasoning goes, leaving a meal uncooked and unprocessed will be more fulfilling, not to mention help in leading to a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the foods and diets, the Hallelujah Diet and Hallelujah Acres are there to teach people about God’s natural gifts and how it can heal the people’s health and lifestyles, as they are outlined in the Bible. Unlike other diets, this regimen not only aims to improve a better body, but also eliminate sickness entirely through a healthy physical and emotional well-being. Also, unlike other diets, the Hallelujah diet doesn’t’ have a specific time frame on how long it should last. According to its proponents, the effectiveness of the diet will be based on the length of your practice.


• The Hallelujah Diet features a lot of fresh vegetables, which are good for weight loss as well as disease prevention.
• There are many practitioners of this diet, which means that there are plenty of information and support groups to talk to online.
• The diet is very natural and clean.
• It can be performed by Vegans and Vegetarians
• The diet can be more meaningful to its practitioners because of its religious origins.


• Taking up the Hallelujah Diet plan might be a difficult practice to go through, due to its strict regimen.
• It can be very difficult for people who have never experienced vegetarians and vegan diets
• Although seen as an advantage and a benefit to some people, the inclusion of religion in a diet can be seen as somewhat ridiculous.

Despite its religious undertones, the Hallelujah Diet is a good detox diet because it focuses on unprocessed, low fat, low calorie foods that results in weight loss, such as raw vegetables and fruits. But of course, its hardly any different than most vegetarian diets. Vegetarians will not find anything new about it and meat-lovers will certainly not like it.
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