There’s no mystery to the name. Liver detox diet is a special dietary health regimen that focuses on cleaning out one’s liver. For people who are concerned about their health, or have a long history with liver problems or alcohol, this is a great option to consider. The liver is responsible for filtering large quantities of toxins from the body and removing chemicals and toxins from our bloodstream. Nonetheless, the liver is also one of the most neglected parts of the human body and this, in addition to alcohol and other bad eating habits, contributes to cases liver problems.

Even though the liver has the ability to regenerate itself, it can’t do it alone, given the amount of chemicals that can be found among most food stuffs these days. Preservatives can be found in a lot of canned foods. Hormones as well as antibiotics can be found in meat products. Pesticides can be found among vegetables. And while were on topic, let’s not forget about the other substances found among cigarettes and alcohol. With so many substances to filter out, is it ever a mystery why liver problems occur?

To deal with this problem, liver detox diet is designed around the idea that by restricting our diet to certain foods will provide our liver the chance to cleanse and heal itself.

Like other detox diet and health regimens, liver detox diets will require you to consume mostly fruits and vegetables throughout the entire period. These kinds of diets are meant to last for only a certain amount of time, sometimes lasting for only around a month. With liver detox diets, protein is necessary for keeping maintaining its functions, so a deficiency of this nutrient defeats the purpose of the diet.

In addition to the diet itself, there are also plenty of herbal supplements which you can try to help detoxify your liver. However, be selective about the cleansers that you find in the market. Taking them may shock your system and cause undesirable side effects on your blood stream.

When you start your liver detox diet, try something that is practical and attainable. For starters, a liver-friendly lifestyle change can be as important as the diets and supplements themselves. When you start your liver detox diet, organic fruits and vegetables, along with a lot of water, will comprise your main diet. Liver-friendly foods are those which help the liver function and regenerate. Some good examples include:

• Beats
• Artichokes
• Broccoli
• Cabbages
• Seaweed
• Radishes

So help your body’s natural filter organ and eat a liver detox diet. You’ll be surprised to discover how they can help your health.
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