A lot of people nowadays are fond of instant fix. Such as a one day detox diet. For that reason, here's a 24 hour detox diet plan just for you...

First and foremost, start your 24-hour detox revitalization diet by drinking a glass of freshly squeezed organic citrus fruit juice such as clementine, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, pomelo, satsuma, tangerine and the like. Then allow that to wash out the impurities inside your body by not eating anything up to lunchtime.

Consume only garden-fresh organic fruits and vegetables at its best and it must be raw if possible. In the same way, you also have to avoid processed foods of any type as well as meat, refined sugar, wheat and dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, casein, yogurt, gelato, ice cream and others). What's more, you can add up herbal teas as well to your round-the-clock diet that contains dandelion leaves and root, garlic, licorice, and/or celery seed for further detoxifying power.

If truth be told, making use of this 24-hour detox diet on a regular basis will ultimately give your body numerous opportunities so as to get closer to its rinsing processes. As a result, you will ultimately appear young-looking and feeling youthful as well as in good health and good energy.
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