At the present, the lemon detox diet is practiced in over 30 countries all over the world. Like other forms of detox diet, it also focuses in substituting fluids for normal solid foods for a given period of time in order to achieve specific health goals. Practitioners and proponents of the diet report that it can provide some of the following benefits:

• Removal of toxins from the body
• Weight loss
• Higher levels of energy and vitality
• Brighter and healthier looking skin tone
• Clearer eyes
• Shinier hair
• Easy digestion
• Regular bowel movements
• A better sense of well being

In contrast to fasting, the lemonade detox diet does not require the dieter to abstain from foods of any kind. Its prime goal is the consumption of liquid food over a week long period (sometimes, more than that) and as such, should be undertaken with the right regimen. Throughout the duration of the detox diet, it is also important not to burden the body with solid foods.

As you may know, digestion consumes much of the body’s energy and thus overrides other important organ functions. The rationale is that when solid foods are removed from the equation, our digestive organs will have the opportunity of cleaning themselves. So to define a lemon detox diet in another way, it’s basically replacing a solid food diet with a juice diet within a one week period to promote better digestion.

In addition to the natural cleansing the body performs on itself, the juices and tree syrups found in the diet fulfill also play a role in this process. They are the ones in charge of supplying the nutrients needed in restoring the cellular regeneration. So the nutrients which your body absorbs from the tree syrups and diet juices will be assimilated directly into your blood stream without the need of ever having to go through your digestive system. In short, it provides you the body with liquid based nutrients by which to maintain itself throughout the course of diet and flushing wastes from the system in a more efficient manner.

The acidity of a lemon juice diet assists in the cleansing process of the digestive tract, acting like a slight internal detergent that dissolves stored fats in the body. Moreover, additional diets such as ground ginger can help speed up the body’s metabolism, which in turn speeds up circulation and the elimination of toxins from your body.
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