I found this article in Yahoo Games which talks about Wii Fit, an exercise game that people say can contribute on weight loss. I can’t really give my statement on this because I haven’t tried this game and I don’t know anybody who actually bought this despite the fact that Nintendo Wii Fit is now in almost 1.5 million homes across the US. But the question is do anyone actually used it?

Not really, says Brian Crecente, managing editor of the popular gaming blog Kotaku. Despite optimistic predictions that Nintendo had unleashed a new era of videogames, Crecente calls Wii Fit little more than an exercise fad that's bound to come and go like any other. "I don't know a single person who has bought the game who uses it routinely after a month," he claims, stressing that getting results from the game requires dedication and real physical exertion. "What Nintendo did is they tapped into that desire people have to be healthier... Everyone wants to work out, but nobody really wants to put the effort into it."
In the meantime, gamers like Crecente remain skeptical about the Wii Fit hype, predicting that this, too, will pass into fitness fad history. When a neighbor mentioned heading out to buy a Wii Fit recently, Crecente's advice was simple: Don't do it. "I have to keep reminding people," he sighs, "even though it's a videogame, it's still exercise. It might be fun a little bit, but it's work."

Losing weight is almost always keeping control – regardless of whether it's about exercising, gaming or deciding to go try detox diet. I can't argue that Wii Fit is a fun part of losing weight, but I have to say that losing weight is not as easy as that. Howevr, I think Wii Fit for weight loss is a great idea and worthy of some thought.
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    MaartenMac said...

    There are thousands of diet plans out there that guarantee some measure of weight loss, but very few of them are easy diet plans to follow. The vast majority of diet regimens require you to make some sort of sacrifice, endure some sort of hardship, and engage in some degree of discipline in order to lose weight.

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