Carol Vorderman Detox Diet is no different than most other detox diets. Carol Vorderman, a famous celebrity, extols the value of detox diets, especially in relation to how it can help you reduce dress sizes. The diet plan can be bought on both video and book format. This dietary regimen is designed to be a short term exercise instead of a long term plan. The diet’s aim is to remove these toxins from the body, so as to allow a much healthier approach to eating. Once the healthy regimen has been achieved, weight loss becomes a satisfying side effect.

Another aim of the Carol Vorderman Detox Diet is to help people remove foods which contribute to the building up of bad materials within the digestive tract. Dieters will be removing wheat, sugar, meat, dairy products, additives, tea, caffeine, etc… In addition to the change in diet, two litters (per day) worth of water, vegetables, fruits and certain grains will replace the previous diet.

Regardless of the many foods denied by the this detox diet, substitutions can be made. For example, for those who enjoy bread too much, rye bread or oatcakes can be used to replace ordinary bread. For those of you who enjoy dairy milk, you can replace your diet with rice milk.
You can learn the Carol Vorderman Detox Diet through its video. One of the most interesting parts of this video is that it provides testimonials from 3 normal women that followed the plan, a mother, a married woman and a single career girl. They provide a report of how the actual diet influences their lives and whether or not they are any good, including challenges to how the whole plan is carried out.

For example, caffeine withdrawal, one of them says, can cause headaches. Moreover, there are also testimonials that reports increased bowel movements due to the increased intake of fluids.

Carol Vorderman Detox book is similar to the videos but it tends to be more detailed than the former. If you want to get motivated about the diet, the video is a good place to start. Once you know the basics of the plan, the book will answer any questions you may have in regards to time frame, diets or side effects.

So go ahead. Start with a detox diet plan today and see just what a great help they can be to you and your body.
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